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Get to know PetPak: The Multipack Solution for the Pet Industry


At PakTech, we specialize in sleek, sustainable options for our customers’ multipacking needs.

It’s that same drive that led us to create PetPak: a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing option for

multipacking in the pet product industry.


So why did we create a solution for the pet industry?


The truth is, there aren’t many conscious, good-looking multipack options currently available for pet brands.

Pet aisles are overrun with single-use shrinkwrap, which is not only unsustainable but also greatly detracts from the

branding. Even worse, cardboard multipack options obscure the product entirely and are easily

dissolved when exposed to moisture, often leading to product loss.



There’s a better way to multipack.


With the trajectory of pet products multipacking on a rapid incline, brands need an alternative.

They need a way to stand out in the aisle and encourage consumers to easily pick up their product in

bulk – that’s where PetPak comes in.

IMG_7247-3MudBay - Salem, Oregon


An earth-friendly, brand-forward solution for the pet industry.


With PetPak, we’re able to offer a sleek, sustainable option for pet industry brands using 100%

recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. That means brands get recyclable

packaging handles that get out of the way, let the product shine, and allow customers to carry

multiple products to the checkout line without struggle.


In turn, brands keep a sleek, premium look and feel to their products and can sell more simply

through ease of use and sheer volume at the point of sale.

Screen Shot 2023-08-07 at 9.16.49 AM


Customizable options that get the job done.


With PetPak, pet brands can choose from 31 unique color options and custom colors, allowing

them to find the perfect match to complement their brand. This simultaneously eliminates the

need for secondary packaging that may detract from their brand’s core design principles. 

Our handles also provide a customized fit for each product they are applied to, minimizing

inventory loss – a common complication when using alternative secondary packaging options.

The future of pet product multipacking has arrived in the form of PetPak, and we’re so excited to

help bring pet brands to new heights.